Safety is a priority for Indiantown Gas Company.  The first part of providing good service is ensuring the safety of your system.

It is important to us that you understand the safe handling and use of propane.  Indiantown Gas strongly endorses GAS Check ™- learn more below.

This safety resource page is where you can view Safety Modules, links to safety information and tips. Check back often to see new safety topics.

Gas Check

Gas Appliance System Check (GAS Check™) is a voluntary inspection program developed by PERC together with the National Propane Gas Association (NPGA) that provides guidelines to technicians on how to perform two important types of residential safety inspections:

  • A “Gas System Check” of the gas delivery system, including containers, regulators, and appliances.
  • A “Gas Appliance System Check” of both the gas delivery system and all propane-burning appliances.

Launched in 1985, GAS Check™ signified the beginning of an industry-wide effort to reduce residential accidents involving propane. Developed by a team of industry volunteers, the revised GAS Check™ Inspection Program responds to changes in the propane industry and appliances.

Sample Gas Check Form

Important Safety Information for you and your family

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Grilling Safety Tips

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Storm Safety Check list for Propane Standby Generators

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